Sonam Kapoor and Hot Pink do go hand-in-hand

Sonam Kapoor as we know is the fashion diva slash icon in Bollywood for the ladies out there. Her worth was proved after she portrayed an enigma of her stylish outfits in the movie ‘Ayesha’.

Our just married actress likewise loves to experiment with new trends, patterns and hues. This is what makes her a true fashion queen. But noticing that one colour trend has is following on her Instagram account has made us go all gaga. And it’s none other than her ability to carry herself hot and mesmerising in Hot Pink. From pant suits to gowns, the diva has elegantly fit into all the categories consequently in one of her favourite colours.

Check them out here:

Sonam looks like the sass she is in this lovely Rejinapyo hot pink dress.

Seems like in no other universe can anyone else rock this funky lehenga as elegantly as Sonam can. Don’t you think?

Of course the happy couple stands apart in the world of beautiful pairs. Look at the beautiful hot pink Victorian-era dress with long ruffled sleeves adorned by Sonam in LA.

Being the boss lady that she is, look at her flaunting this Calvin Klein pantsuit and definitely making a fashion statement.

What can go wrong when Sonam is trying to be all traditional and all so pink.

Furthermore, giving us all the fashion goals to go desi with a bindi on a hot pink blouse.

Being a flawless actor, this B-town girl can also rock any traditional look that you can think of.

Sonam, why you so beautiful?