Jhansi ki Rani Anushka Sen is BFF’s with her reel rival

Actor Jason Shah plays the role of Captain Ross and Anushka Sen plays the titular role of Rani.

These two main actors of the show seemed to have been interacting with each other much more than the others. They seemed to be creating a bond so special that people seem to think they are BFFs. And of course we wouldn’t mind them dating each other either.

On-screen they are not best of friends but off screen the matter seems to be something else. They are likewise the best of buddies. Furthermore, speaking about their bond, Jason says, “the camaraderie was instant. I really respect her, she always got a smile on her face, is very attentive, sharp and keen. She picks up fast. It is fantastic to see a girl of her age doing such a great job and working so hard. Her expressions and emotions are on her fingertips and she plays with them. I always look up to her.”

Jason also adds, “For someone of her age to have so much self-motivation and a great attitude, work hard and not complain is really admirable. She is pure at heart. Sometimes we have fun and sometimes we mess around. We keep each other entertained throughout the day when shoots are taxing. I feel motivated by her. I feel like she can do much more than I can give an effort. We have a lot of common interests as well. So we always have good topics for conversation.”

While we can see how the relationship is by Jason’s end, we would like to hear it from Anushka too. Much more is there to learn from the stories of these lead actors of the show. Is it that they have feelings for each other? Or is it just good friendship?

Jhansi ki Rani has Anushka in the titular role of Manikarnika and she is seen as a wife to actor Vikas Manaktela.