Marathi comedians Bharat Ganesh Pure and Sagar Karande in Jhangadutta

We will soon see the two big comedy actors of Marathi films together for the first time. The actors are Bharat Ganesh Pure and Sagar Karande. Bharat is the winner of the comedy show and Sagar Karande is the leading comedian of the Marathi entertainment industry.

The duo comedians have performed many times as the perfect duet for any show or drama but not for the Marathi Film. Till date, both of these comedians did not get together in the film. But, now soon we will see them in the Marathi film “Jhangadutta”. Pawan Sheth and Moreshwar Sankhari are the producers while the director is Sandeep Manohar Naware. The presentation of the movie is by Vision Corporation Ltd.

The director Sandeep Manohar Naware says that they were waiting for nearly a half year to get them together in this gathering. Jhangadutta is a word in Vidharbha, you can say it is a temporary confusion or myth. The story of the movie revolves in a small village in Vidarbha. Sagar plays the role of the son of Bharat Ganesh Pure, who is at the appropriate age of marriage but after years of efforts, they could not find a perfect match for Sagar. However, The problem of the Vidharbari question is that the effort not to give up the seriousness of the question is Jhangadutta. The shooting of the movie is over and will be coming to the audience soon.

Bharat quoted that the director had waited too much to bring me and Sagar together. I feel much appreciated. We are not the protagonists today, but the audience loves us and, in particular, producers and directors had supported us and want to thank them.

Sagar Karad said that Jhangadutta is a mess of confusion, I am confused and messed up the other things also. I have a different role in this, I have never played such a role before. For this role, I had to study and meet a man constantly. You will soon understand what this is. I am sure that the humor will definitely be taken by the Marathi audience.