Will Avengers beat Thanos in the next release: Avengers Endgame?

The fans saw a new teaser of the Marvel movie Avengers : Endgame. The teaser was premiered during Super Bowl 53. A sequel for Avengers: Infinity, the teaser shows the remaining avengers preparing for the big war.

As seen in thee previous movie, the earth’s population was reduced to half. Destroyed cities, devastated state of mind and panic-stricken heroes is the new release has to offer.

The teaser of the new movie focused on the surviving Avengers and their confused minds as they understand to what happened after Thanos’ snap. The audience can see them prepping up for what comes next in their war with Thanos. While Iron Man is lost in space, he is studying and examining the Nebula. The survivors being, Captain America, Thor, Rocket, Black Widow, The Hulk, Ant-Man and Hawk Eye amongst the others in training are mapping out strategies. Will they beat Thanos is the paramount question for the movie to answer.

Posters with captions “Where do we go, now that they have been gone”, Marvel teases the end of Avengers Universe in MCU.

Directors Russo Brothers share the video on social media saying, “Some people move on. But not us.” Watch the brand new #AvengersEndgame in theatres on April 26.”

Marvel’s Avengers: Infinity War took the audience by surprise when the Mad Titan Thanos possessed all the infinity stones. He reduced the world population in half with a snap of his finger. In the climax, Doctor strange goes out to figure 14,000,605 outcomes to defeat Thanos and gets only one possibility. With only one that would lead the avengers to a win, will they save the universe in time?

While some including Doctor Strange, Spider-man, Nick Fury turned into dust, the other surviving carries on to plan a war.

The question is will the disintegrated resurrect and defeat Thanos? We will only have to find out in the last film Avengers 4 that hits the screens in April 2019.