The divorce consequence of Angie-Brad

On January 30, a face-to-face photograph broke the internet. Seeing Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt together was not something the fans had anticipated.

It was reported that they met to settle the unresolved case of the custody of their children.

The jury did decide to give the full custody to Angelina while Brad can visit them during prescribed hours.

A family that has been torn apart can partly be a happy family in the future. Commenting on Brad, saying that he is a difficult reminder, still has the face of a saddened Jolie and her heart being terribly broken.

After making promises of staying together, Angelina cant get over the fact that it was a lie. It has been awfully difficult for the actress to move on since they got separated. After being married of the love of her life for three years, who could have imagined the fate.

On the other hand, it wasn’t easy for Brad being on the other side either.

Some sources say, he was desperate to end the war with Angelina.

Surely dragging the matter with the lawyers and court is difficult but what can one do in the matter of love. It’s becoming overly dreadful for both Angelina and Brad to continue this the process of their split. Hoping to come to a conclusion soon, Brad wants to close over the matter in person.

Seeing this dreadful stretch, the fans are hoping they come to a closure soon.