What was it for Akshay Kumar? Breaking in or Visiting?

Ankit Goswami, a die-hard fan of the blockbuster movie 2.0 superstar Akshay Kumar didn’t speculate what hit him. He travelled to Mumbai to meet his idol, Akshay Kumar after finding the address on Google.

The 20-year-old college drop out allegedly tried to trespass into Akshay’s house and was arrested by Juhu Police. He claims to be from Datauli in Sonipat, Haryana and says he can do anything to meet the actor.

Of course he was denied entry by the security guards at Akki’s place. Having tried the decent way and failing at the same he decided to go rogue. Ankit scaled Akshay’s house wall and waited on the tree for nearly 2 hours before trying to sneak inside. Having a busy schedule Akshay wasn’t present in the house at the time of the incident.

He climbed the wall at around 1:30 am and tried entering. The posted guards, who got a hold on him and called for the police, spotted him doing the crime.

The Juhu police arrested the man and questioned him on Tuesday, said Deputy Commissioner of Police Paramjit Singh Dahiya.

Having said that he was a fan, he didn’t have any malicious intent in entering Akshay’s house. The fellow claims to be a huge fan and briefs that he also wants to work in Bollywood, said another police officer.

Ankit, who is currently in the custody of the police officers promised he would return to his homeland Haryana. Although with the promise he had his terms & conditions. He said he would only go back if they can arrange a meeting with the actor. He said he used the Internet to get Akshay’s address. And after a strict denial from his father, he still managed to board a train to Mumbai with 5000 rupees. Reaching Bandra Terminus on Monday, this absurd man turned on to travel to Akshay’s house only to be arrested the next day. Juhu’s senior police inspector Padrinath Wavhal provided the information.

We cannot even imagine how our celebrities manage to touch so many lives and inspire them in different ways.

Incidents such as these have been reported time and again and no one knows when this will seem to end.

The constant fear of someone doing the involuntary will never let these celebrities stay in peace.